Promoting Research in Social Media and Health Symposium (PRISM)

The Promoting Research in Social Media and Health Symposium (PRISM Health Symposium) is a one-day research symposium that fosters a collaborative learning community for researchers in social media and health. The burgeoning field of social media and health research is broad, but distinct from health information technology and mobile health. The PRISM Health Symposium planning committee does far-ranging research on health and social media. Prior work presented at PRISM include vaccination attitudes, infectious disease outbreaks, tobacco cessation, and tanning bed use, all using online communication.

PRISM provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for participants to meet, collaborate, and advance their work. Now in its fourth year, PRISM has hosted researchers, industry partners, and patients from over 40 unique institutions. PRISM is one of the few symposiums dedicated to social media and health research.

The PRISM Health Symposium is a unique opportunity for stakeholders involved in all aspects of social media and health research to gather and advance their work. Academic researchers, industry partners, patients, advocates, and others are invited to join us for an exciting day of innovation and collaboration.

Now in its fourth year, the PRISM Health Symposium has provided a critical meeting place for the diverse stakeholders in this field to gather and discuss cutting-edge work in this field. Previous PRISM symposia have discussed everything from advanced methodology (data mining, natural language processing, network dynamics), to social media interventions (behavioral change, cancer prevention), to data surveillance (disease outbreaks and forecasting).